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Black Desert HQ is the biggest and best fan community for Pearl Abyss's upcoming game, Black Desert. It's free and painless, and it's the first step in getting involved. Usually, someone who is nice enough would create a thread on how to get in. I have used proxies before in the past, but most of the time they suck.We're a place to chat about what's been shown so far, and to share your ideas about what's to come. For more, dive into Black Desert's universe at the Wiki. How do you some of you guys plan on bypassing this troublesome features? Most likely it will be during the Open beta testing phase. The insider will be able to walk people through installation and what to expect, maybe form a little english guild if a hand full of people can log in and stay in. The speeds are exceptionally slow, and finding a good IP address is neigh impossible.Check out our forums further and our Black Desert news section. The last time I was able to bypass an IP for an mmo was years ago, the game had a feature that would pop up every 10 minutes. Also I think this way is not very safe because I believe all the data being sent is not encrypted. (Not Sure) If you go this route, I wouldn't be accessing any sites that have personal information.It would ask a question in Korean and you had to pick the right answer, clearly if I understood Korean it'd be easy. In fact I wouldn't even use Proxies ever to play any sort of video game. Like Vinter said, you have to use some type of proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Your best bet is to connect to a VPN in South Korea.If you have some Korean friends, they can create one for you.If you don't, you can search online for some Korean VPN services.Make sure that they have different IP's to use and not just a single IP.Or you can go the nerd route and order a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and create your own VPN from some south Korean hosting company. As mentioned above, some proxies have encryptions, however they are slow.You'll get faster speeds if you are the only one using one. And they are extremely slow when using a public one.