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The girls conjure up images of the Spice Girls and other female pop singers like Britney Spears with their colorful wigs and dance tunes.

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Then there are some ways that the experiences of the five members of the group seem very particular to Burma."We are the first band who can use colorful wigs," says Htike Htike, one of the Me N Ma Girls.Burma's censorship board, which has to approve all the lyrics, music, videos, and artwork for any album produced in the country, gave them the go-ahead to use colorful wigs in a video. Htike Htike says it may not seem like a big deal in the US, but the group was pretty psyched."When we heard that news we shout and chant," she laughs.She got it into her head to form a girl band along the lines of the Spice Girls and, two years ago, put out an ad for auditions.

"It was so amazing to me that girls even turned up," May says."You know: 'Hey, I'm an Australian singer and dancer, I want to start a girl band , who's interested? " Even in a crowd of that size, May says the five people she chose for the group stood out."They wanted to communicate, and wanted to engage–and wanted to give it 100 percent.It was a pretty progressive move for the board, which had until recently blocked bands from wearing colored wigs or dying their hair, calling such things quote "against Burmese culture." The censors have been loosening their grip recently–there's even talk of abolishing the board.Heather Mac Lachlan, a professor at the University of Dayton in Ohio and author of a book about pop music in Burma, says the conservatism doesn't just reflect the views of stodgy apparatchiks."It's not just the censors, I mean, those are Burmese values.