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I purchased two sunrooms (at the same time) in 2012 from Four Seasons Sunrooms in Springfield MO. It never occurred to me that the salesperson should have told us not to get an all glass sunroom because of the heat.

While the product itself is nice enough, customer service beginning from the time of construction and continuing to now is the worst I have ever encountered. Well we tinted the windows which cost us a fortune. Shades would cost thousands of dollars so the room is hardly used in the summer. I wish I could tear the whole thing down but that would be a waste of ,000.

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I purchased kitchen cabinets from Four Seasons in December 2015.

I was won over at my first meeting with our Four Seasons salesman. I was informed by the project manager that the cabinets I chose were no longer being manufactured.

He was charming, knowledgeable and had great ideas. Moreover, the turnaround time for delivery of the cabinets was double what I was originally told.

He sold me on the turnaround time and workmanship of his company and quality of their cabinets. But it was too late for me to walk away from the deal because my contractor was starting the following week.

Can't get the people from Sunroom of Nebraska to come out and do this room right as it's settling and now we don't even use the room. We now have a sunroom with holes in the door in which you are able to see inside out where dust, insects, and wind is able to enter.

We have a cooling/heating unit that will not heat the area plus very noises.I contacted the company and they sent out an HVAC team and the answer we got back was if we let it run for 2-3 days, it will warm up and put carpet on the floor.My question is when the designer came out to survey the area why did he not recommend a different unit for the space and construction.When the cabinets were finally delivered, there were missing pieces and defective parts.When project manager came to inspect, he told us that “there was nothing they could do” about the defective pieces, and he would order the missing ones.When we raised hell, we were told that they would find a satisfactory resolution – we are still waiting to be satisfied.