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Sitting back up immediately and swallowing, she looked at me confused."Master, you made my mouth all dirty when I was trying to groom" she frowned, ears laid back.

Biting the inside of my cheek, I leaned into her and kissed her deeply.

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" I whispered, smiling at her now red face."Yes, but my bottom is sticky" she whispered back, shuffling uncomfortably.

Smiling, I laid her on her back and began grooming her with my tongue, from the head to her toes.

Not once, have I ever tasted or felt someone so soft or sweet in my entire life.

Her neck and chest felt like silk until my tongue as she shivered in delight.

I lightly traced my tongue on her belly button making her relax with a ticklish giggle.

Then, kissing softly on her hips, I allowed my tongue to plunge into her. Your grooming tongue feels too good in my little kitty places" she whimpered out.She gasped out loud in pleasure and tried to moved away."Ma-Master! Almost growling, I put her legs on my shoulders and forced my tongue deeper inside her wetness.Not once had I ever tasted something so sweet before.Author's Note: This is my first hentai fan fiction ever written so, please review it and let me know any advice you may have for it or in the future for any other hentais/yaois/yuris/etc. With ears perked up, she looked at me and nodded quickly. I heard giggling as she walked up to me, rubbing into my back.It is written with the main character named Jason and he is a you! V.:"So, you're uh-" I began, being immediately cut off by laughter."A cat! " Momo giggled as her tailed swished back in forth. Her ears flattened on her head as she frowned looking down at her sandals and socks."I just wanted to see if you could be my new master since you provided me food" she whispered sadly into the ground. Yeah, I thought it would have been cooler looking, but since it wasn't, I decided to throw it out. Giving in to her innocent-like personality, I held out my hand and took her, walking us back to my small apartment. Jumping on and burying her face in my pillows, she stuck her buttocks up in the air revealing a lack of undergarments and soft, pink flesh. I dropped my hands and curled them into fist, trying to hide my shaking."It's Momo, master. Sitting up, I tried covering up my hard-on until she got on her hands and knees, continuing to stare."Master? " Momo asked, looking at me with innocent, golden eyes.WARNING IT HAS SPOILERS AND IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR AN OLDER AUDIENCE! Her golden eyes shined brightly as her twitching ears moved her red hair into her face. I blinked confused, suddenly realizing what she had meant."Food? Blushing and turning my head, I cleared my throat to get her attention."Hey, uh do you mind grooming yourself or something. You are so weird to be red in the face when you see me naked. You shouldn't be nervous to groom me" she giggled, trying to soothe my nerves. Face flustered and unsure if I did or didn't, I stayed quiet.