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Online dating websites are not the best places to meet friends.


Waiting around when you don’t know the person for whom you’re waiting is even more awkward. It’s the distracting nature of fidgeting and looking insecure that makes you more noticeable.

Thank you, Online Dating Gods, for teaching me how to wait with confidence.

Plenty of people consider themselves honest if they don’t outright lie, but the potential chaos of online dating (a hotbed of focused attention on attraction and deception) makes being forthright more important than being honest.

It taught me how to be proactive about making sure I was on the same page as my date.

See, I knew this in theory, but online dating erased any hope I had on the matter.

Even in person, we each prefer different forms of communication, affection, and, often, rejection.Some people want you to tell them explicitly if you aren’t interested, and others expect you to save them the embarrassment of your admitting such.They’d rather you simply not respond or “let it fade” so that they can “save face” and pretend it “just didn’t lead to anything.” The hard part is knowing who prefers which.(Well, actually, breakups taught me that, but online dating gave me the chance to practice.) And, if I wasn’t on the same page, it led to #3.Not every shoe fits, and learning how to say goodbye appropriately and respectfully is something only learned through many uncomfortable conversations.Online dating allows for goodbyes at all stages of the game and at all levels of discomfort.