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[Estimated reading time: 5 Minutes] What are you doing with those dusty old posts hanging around in the archives?

But if you don’t have a process and a plan for updating it’s something that can quite easily slip off your to-do list. Each day he looks back to what he posted 6 months ago and 12 months ago and updates those posts.

Last week I listened to an episode of Darren Rowse’s Problogger podcast and I felt inspired again. I just looked and I have the frightening number of 692 published posts on my website and you can make that 694 by the time you listen to this. He says this doesn’t take him long, but perhaps he’s a better writer, requiring less editing than I do.

I chose a method I’d read about on Jeff Bullas’s blog.

To follow his process you’ll need to have Google Search Console (used to be webmaster tools) set up.

Look for opportunities where you can enhance the text, use more detail or add images to illustrate a point. I recommend having at least 2 images, one horizontal for Facebook and Twitter sharing and one portrait for Pinterest.

Longer, more detailed posts tend to do better on search engines. If you don’t have both types now is the time to add them.

Once you’ve read it through and made notes get stuck into the editing. If there is no text overlay on your images you might consider adding it.

I usually do this in Written Kitten, or another writing app rather than directly on the site, this gives me time to play with my words before I click the update button. It can really help with shares, particularly on Pinterest. Is there a call to action in the post that tells people what to do next?

It’s not hard to do, particularly if you have Google Analytics installed on your site already.

In Search Console find ‘Search analytics’ in the ‘Search traffic’ menu Select ‘Position’ and ‘pages’ from the page navigation You’ll get a list of posts with their ‘ranking position’ next to them. These may need a small push to start appearing on page 1 of Google search results. Then I picked the most important ones that were either: Darren, whose podcast inspired me is a full-time blogger.

His blog is his business so it’s easier for him to fit updates into his schedule. I have found an hour on a Friday that I can allocate to updating.