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The DDT, the professor Bacterio's dangerous invention has just been stolen by the dictator of Tirania.

The Súper wants to recover it but he knows that it should not call Mortadelo and ... Tinto and his wife Olivia want a child of their own more than anything else in the world.

Years of trying, however, have left them with nothing but a pair of ...

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But the dialog is influenced by errors and chance, leaving the personal relationships of the negotiators as key to its outcome.Adolfo, a thirty something security guard, is going through a bad patch.Not only his lifetime girlfriend has just to finished with him to be a guy with no ambition but, moreover, he ...See full summary » Barra da Tijuca, West Side Zone of Rio de Janeiro. What starts off as a morbid curiosity for the local youth slowly begins to spoil away at their lives. After an encounter with death, she will do anything to make sure she's alive.Eventually they will be forced to team up to find Jimmy's hideout.

Meanwhile, Professor Bacterio tries to help the pair of agents with his latest invention : the "reversicine", a beverage that turns people into the exact opposite of what they are or think .

There also appears other personages such as ¨Ofelia¨ the fat and vain secretary of Superintendente Vicente .

She is still single and would like to become involved with someone -usually with Mortadelo- , but so far her attempts have been in vain.

Toplines a men has a split personality, a buttoned-up Sao Paolo exec and beach-loving weekend playboy in Rio.

He becomes entangled with a woman in Sao Paolo and her sister in Rio. The first animated film directed by Javier Fesser , again ours two botcher , outlandish secret agents become involved into several troubles when they attempt to capture a peculiar enemy , Jimmy El Cachondo .

It is starred by Mortadelo , a bald detective with pebble glasses and a long nose who usually wears a black frock coat , his real name comes from "mortadela", a kind of sausage .