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However, her latest project (and the startup idea she pitched on the show) is Date Play, a new dating app that promises to gamify the online dating process.

Specifically, it aims to eliminate ‘self reporting’ — the tendency to create an online profile as you’d want to be seen rather than how you actually are — which, argues Koutsomitis, typically results in a string of poor matches and, ultimately, the failure of online dating. Listen to a lightly edited version of the interview below.

A friend of mine once decided that ice cream and steak would go brilliantly together.

CEO of Virgin Wines, Jay Wright said: 'Vana is really hitting an untapped market with Vinoby Vana, but this isn't the sole reason we've decided to support her business venture - which is quite a different product offering for Virgin Wines.'Vana who has a Masters in Business Administration from Oxford University and undergraduate degree in science from Cornell University has partnered with fellow MBA graduate, Joris Magenti, who originates from the South of France.runner-up Vana Koutsomitis’ dating app, Date Play, has surpassed its initial £120,000 funding goal and has raised over £146,000 from nearly 100 investors on Seedrs.Date Play is described as an app that combines dating and games.It uses fun, easy-to-play games to learn more about the users and increase the quality of matches.As previously reported, Vana and her teams revealed they are in the final stages of building Date Play and are making preparations to launch for beta testing this fall, with a full roll-out and marketing launch to reportedly coincide with the next season of The Apprentice on BBC1. Funds from the campaign will be used to Date Play’s free app users will notably have all benefits of the dating and gaming concept while premium users will be able to access other features including increased messaging, messaging into new locations, invitations to exclusive events and more.

“The difference between Date Play and the others is that we add an element of fun to the dating experience by integrating games into the interface.Tinder can engage you for short periods of time but once you have enough matches and once you’ve swiped left and right enough times, you start to get a little bit crazy.A few weeks ago, GDI sat down with one of the most exciting new faces in the dating industry, Vana Koutsomitis, who recently made it to the final of The Apprentice with her gamified take on mobile dating.Koutsomitis, an entrepreneur born and raised in New York City, is currently prepping her mobile dating app, which uses elements of gaming to help users build their profiles, learn about themselves, and connect with other likeminded singles.Last year, Koutsomitis was on season 11 of The Apprentice UK, reaching the final after being a firm favourite throughout the series, and although she lost out in the end to Joseph Valente, the exposure received and excitement generated by the idea has made it a project that is hotly anticipated by the dating industry.Speaking about the app’s twist on mobile dating, she tells GDI: ““So what we’re helping you do is play these games and have a fun interactive way of getting to know yourself, and then we match you based on your own qualities, using an algorithm that shows the percentages of how compatible you are with certain people.” With Vana Koutsomitis currently in the final stages of fundraising and development for the app underway, GDI met up with the founder in North London to discuss the project, chat about her experience on the BBC show and her mission for the new dating app.