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We are very pleased to announce the partnership between the cleantech sales accelerator Green Innovations and the award winning cooling & modular enterprise solution company 4energy.

Introduced through the European Smart Energy Venture Capital company SET Ventures (NL), Green Innovations and 4energy started to discuss the opportunities to jump-start sales activities within Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Mike Philips, Partner at Green Innovations: “4energy was already on our radar for two years as they appeared in the Global Cleantech top 100.

Green Innovations developed and use a proven methodology to bring Cleantech Solutions in a flexible and customer specific way to the market. 4energy delivers exceptional value to their customers by providing visibility, and lowering their energy and equipment spend.

SMARTset is one of the world`s most exciting intelligent Industrial Io T (Internet of Things) software platforms.

It enables customers to easily connect, analyse and control any equipment in a technical facility.

4energy also delivers COOLflow and COOLair solutions to the technical facilities, including Telecommunication Base Stations and Data Centres, providing an energy saving benefit by up to 30% and a ROI (Return of Investment) of less than 2 years.

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4energy has deployed over 15,000 cooling systems and 120,000 sensor points in Europe, Africa and Asia to date. Green Innovations will launch the products solutions in the sectors Energy/Utility, Data Centres, Telecommunication, Railway and the building environment (offices, retail, factories, warehouses, hospitals, hotels and schools).

Would you like to find out what these products and services could mean for your business?

Please contact one of our Sales Executives through +31 (0)75 2010 202 or [email protected]