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A quick example with Google’s Ngram Viewer is below. ROpen Sci collected an extensive list of R packages that deal with APIs.It includes Twitter, the Guardian, Amazon Mechanical Turk and many more.

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Using a tool like R has another great advantage: unlike manually downloading a file, you can easily re-use and share your work.Having some R code instead of an Excel file means your analysis is reproducible and you may be able to adapt it for future projects or if an updated dataset was released.If you need help you can find support via stackoverflow and the R-help mailing list.If you’re looking for data, browse a catalogue (e.g. Security tips you must know before use this function : First : make sure that the file is not empty.

Second : make sure the file name in English characters, numbers and (_-.) symbols, For more protection.You can use below function as in example Fourth: Check File extensions and Mime Types that you want to allow in your project.You can use : pathinfo() you can use regular expression for check File extensions as in example#^(gif|jpg|jpeg|jpe|png)$#ior use in_array checking as You have multi choices to checking extensions and Mime types.Analysing or using data without software is incredibly cumbersome if not impossible.Here we show you how you can import data from the web into a tool called R.Reasons why R has become so popular, and continues to grow, are that it’s free, open source, with state-of-the-art practices and a fantastic community.