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They soon find several surviving inmates who have been trapped inside.

After several days of mourning, Carl and Rick name the baby Judith.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea are taken to the town of Woodbury, a safe haven from the walkers.

They meet the Governor, the town's leader, and learn that Merle Dixon — Daryl's older brother — has taken refuge there as well.

Michonne is immediately suspicious of the Governor and the settlement and decides to leave, but Andrea refuses to go with her.

The Walking Dead s03e16 will be publicizes date on your television screens on March 31, 2013 on AMC.

The Walking Dead out there, your preferred television series is back with a new episode.The Walking Dead s03e16 is titled “Welcome to the Tombs”.From the title alone, this installment sounds exciting and it will certainly be one.So, keep an eye on the release date and do not be left behind in The Walking Dead s03e16.Do not miss this episode for this will certainly be an important episode and will complete the nighttime of all its TV audience.A little info from WIkipedia here: The third season begins several months after the group escaped the farm: Lori is in the final days of her pregnancy, during which they stumble upon an overrun prison that they begin converting into their new home.