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Since then both parties have worked together to create a new client designed for installing Minecraft mods and mod packs.A few months ago Curse released a new client on Microsoft Windows and recently have released this new client to OSX/mac OS.Whilst there is still some way to go before we completely retire the FTB launcher.

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We provide you every new series to watch online and all new Episodes with absolutely no charge.Here you can watch episode 21 season 1 Beauty and the Beast and all latest episodes.So if you have missed any episode of any current running tv show, then don't worry because we have the largest collection of all new episodes.As I am sure most people will have now seen, it was announced today that FTB partner Curse has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Twitch. The FTB team is excited about the new possibilities that this will provide to our community.With regards to how this news will affect our partnership, for the near future everything will remain the same.

Our plan is to sit down and talk to the appropriate people soon to talk about the partnership moving forwards.As soon as we have more news with regards to this we will release it....Two years ago FTB and Curse first came together to form a partnership.Note: If subtitles you selected are not showed at all,you should validate them by the button on subtitles's right.If subtitles you selected are not display well(we mean unknown characters) you can try 'Charset Problem' by the button on subtitles's right.Cat and Vincent go on a date out in public in an attempt to be a normal couple, which backfires on them.