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The one they are asking 35 dollars for is NOT a set primarily for playing games with, but some delusional New Age stuff. Also, the 2011 Lo Scarabeo reprint of the Fiorentine Minchiate is being sold for such high prices! Anyway, since there seems to be interest in Minchiate as well, watch this thread for old rules of those games, I'll be posting them sooner or later. First, on the popularity of the game outside of Italy in the 17th century; In 1622 Franois Garasse wrote that Tarot was definitely more popular than chess in France in that day and age.

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Second, on the etymology of the word "Tarot" being of French origin; It was the French wars in Italy that brought Tarot to France and Switzerland.A document dating from 1505 attest that a card maker was producing them in Avignon. Ortalli in his 1996-book the Prince and the playing Cards observes the small town of Crema (south of Milan) has statutes that declared triumphos a lawful game in 1483.There was a lot of business interaction between Italy, France and Switzerland, which resulted in the French or Occitan term tarau being brought back to Italy; this was first suggested by Thierry Depaulis. A revision in 1534 has an update that uses the word triumphos et tarochom.The word tarocco is therefore probably derived from the French word instead of the other way around.Third, on French royalty playing Tarot games; Louis XIII played it in Bordeaux in 1615.

The earliest French account of a Tarot game comes from a pamphlet made by abb Michel de Marolles, at the request of princess Louise-Mari de Gonzague-Nevers (Depaulis, 2002, le vieux papier).

According to the memoires of the abb, he played the game with her in 1637, less than 10 years before she became Queen of Poland.

Fourth, a nice painting by Nyfeler (1933) of men playing a Tarot-game of Troggen or Tppa.

Always pay attention to paintings of card players, they might well be playing a Tarot game.

In Italy there has been a disengagement between the original tarots [which have become a tool to read the future ...

btw, have you ever tried and read the future using tarots?