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Alternatively, you can see a psychosexual counsellor. Q: I’m 29 and had a good sexual relationship with my first boyfriend. I now have a new boyfriend and love him very much but sex is not enjoyable and I do not have orgasms anymore. A: First you must not be embarrassed to discuss this with your boyfriend as this might be due to problems within your relationship.You may need to see a psychosexual counsellor for sex therapy.

Q: I am 62, fit and happily married and have had a good sex life for 35 years.I have recently started to have a problem getting an erection.What can I do about this and what is the reason for it? A: The short answer is that impotence (or erectile dysfunction) is easily treated. I am now very well and back at work and with no chest pain.Ask your GP if you can have your cholesterol, blood sugar, and testosterone checked, as impotence can often be an indication that the smaller arteries are furring up, in your heart as well as your penis, or your testosterone is low. I would like to go back to having sex with my wife, as we had a very good sex life before I was ill.However, my wife is frightened that if I make love to her, it will bring on another heart attack.

Will this happen and if not, how do I convince her?A: An idea of how much energy is used when having intercourse with a long-term partner, measured in metabolic equivalents (METs), the lower range with a regular partner is 2–3 METs and the upper range ('vigorous') is 5–6 METs.Compare these figures with the MET rating for other daily activities:- Walking a mile for 20 mins on the level 3 – 4- Digging in the garden 3 – 5- DIY, wallpapering, cleaning the car and similar 4 - 5- Playing golf 4 – 5- Lifting and carrying objects up to 20 kg 4 – 5 So, Discuss how you feel with your doctor and use these other activities as a guide to your physical fitness.I am a Telugu girl and doing my CA, so, I am writing this answer.Whenever some people take dowry or give dowry I felt like filing a case against both the parties.I didn't because they are my relatives and I am not independent myself to handle such things.