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You’re a student, so you have the perfect excuse to sit in every law and medical school library you can find. And for every jerk who isn’t interested, there will be ten mansicles thrilled that you came over to talk to them.

Why study in your dorm room when you can study in a sea of ambitious, soon to be successful, sperminating doctors and lawyers? And I know you were joking with the bumble, but online dating is an amazing thing. Need advice or have questions for @Crazy Jewish Mom & Spawn?

But try to go to good colleges, you don’t need another idiotic hunk of manmeat like your ex. Talk to people, introduce yourself, strike up conversations! Submit them via the form below, and we just might answer!

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Thanks” – Lizzie @Crazy Jewish Mom: Well, first of all, I hope you chopped off your cheating fiancé’s tiny little micropenis and fed it to him for [email protected] ESiegel: Yeah, normally I’m not normally one to advocate for castration (or cannibalism), but what a [email protected] Jewish Mom: Listen, at least you found out before you married the scumbag. Time to snap out of it, and read the expiration date on your eggs! @Kate ESiegel: I was actually cheated on in my last relationship, so I can relate.Last thing you need is to be three kids in and find out he’s been shtupping the nanny while your kids watch Barney reruns. It’s incredibly difficult to trust after finding out someone trusted was lying.Really makes you question your judgment, but I promise, there are good guys out [email protected] Jewish Mom: Well, if this ‘good guy’ she’s referring to is Superjew, that’s a joke!