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Gradually, I was able to express my frustration in a safe and healthy way.

Anyone who is a caregiver of a family member or friend knows that what affects your loved one also affects you.

Some illnesses or disorders are easier to manage than others.

For many, the patient is affected the same way and there is a proven treatment.

But for those of us caring for a loved one who suffers from Aphasia, there is no one place to go to find the answers.

The first challenge we deal with is that Aphasia comes in many forms.

There is Expressive, Receptive, Transcortical sensory and Nominal aphasia just to name a few.The next challenge is that even when two people suffer from the same type, it can manifest differently from patient to patient, leaving everyone feeling alone and at a loss for answers. She survived a massive stroke and along with severe right side weakness, she had Expressive aphasia.Mom would say in sentences and think she was speaking words.In the beginning, we tried everything from speech therapy to acupuncture, with only minimal results.The frustration and aggravation mounted as we realized she wasn’t getting any better.As mom’s caregiver there was only so much I could do.