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The Medal is surmounted by a crown (dual crowns for the Karl I type) and worn from a tri-fold ribbon.was a military decoration of the Empire of Austria-Hungary.It was founded by Emperor Franz Joseph I on March 12, 1890.The Military Merit Medal is often referred to as the "Signum Laudis" (Latin for "sign of praise") after the inscription on the reverse of the medal.Signum Laudis (English title: The Medal) is a 1980 Czechoslovak war film.

The story takes place on the Russian front during WWI.

Corporal Hoferik (Vlado Müller) conquers and temporarily retains a narrow strip of land, although in heavy battle almost his entire unit fallen.

For this receive this high medal called Signum Laudis.

But things change, comes an enemy counterattack, and shows that, for the military leadership Hoferik is at once a nuisance.

Signum laudis "Sign of honor" is Austian-Hungarian high military order. For corporal Hoferik is it occasion to social rise.

Fanatic soldier perform senior orders without remains, but he don't forgot on self-profit.