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This is the last known footage of Lam before she was found in a water tank atop the hotel a few weeks later, naked with her clothes floating around her.

Darnell breaks down the different aspects he looks for when casting his shows, between a host, a judge and a contestant.Says Darnell, “I put Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey in the same bucket." He adds, "In that, they’re both really talented, and the reason people like them is because they are authentic." Darnell argues that viewers, "will forgive a bad day, or an angry comment, if you know they’re real.Most people are able to sit in a movie theatre, watch a scary film about ghosts, demons, monsters, and then return home as if nothing has happened.But what do you do when real life and horror intersect?When you can't just return to the safety of your home and forget about murderers and poltergeists?

This image of a demon was caught on a hospital security camera standing over a patient. Apparently, it is very common to capture dark spirits looming over patients on hospital cameras.

Starting in the 1980s, these mysterious holes began appearing in Russian forests.

Those who have the guts to explore these holes have found them to go no where.

There have been no reports on construction machine noises or sights of equipment and workers.

How these mysterious holes came to be is a deep mystery.

In the 1840s, a group of men braved the "Northwest Passage," a seaway running through the Americas that would enable ships to reach the Far East moving through a more direct route.