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It didn’t go through any sort of committee process.

She can carry that.” So I just proposed her to Lodge and then I said, “You should sit down with her.” Riley, how was that first meeting? Then we all kind of left like, “Cool, let’s do it.” What were some of those ideas?Keough: Telling the story and having a nonjudgmental point of view and not having an opinion on the job (of being the girlfriend). Keough: I didn’t want it to be just a sex show, but I’d talked to Steven about that early on and I don’t think that was anyone’s intention really, because they’re not stupid. I think what Lodge and Amy really nailed was you feel like you’re kind of spying on her.We had our style, and the things we like were the same in filmmaking or aesthetics. The approach of the show was you feel you’re sort of eavesdropping because there isn’t any sort of editorializing in the filmmaking.You just feel like you’re spying on this girl for 13 episodes. Finish it.” That was gratifying, because I felt the same way and was hoping he would see what I was seeing.Beyond the title, “The Girlfriend Experience,” which debuts on Starz on April 10, bears little in common with the 2009 indie movie of the same name.

But that’s by design, says executive producer Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh: Immediately, we discussed a new character, new place.

His intention in turning the film into a TV series was to give writer-directors Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz the creative freedom to explore their own stories. We’re essentially going to take the title and the world and change everything else up.

Riley Keough stars as Christine Reade, a young law student who gets drawn into the world of “transactional relationships” — essentially getting paid for sex. Then I proposed, “Why don’t we pair up two writer-directors and let them do an indie TV show?

“In the film, you’re parachuted into this girl’s life — this is her job, this is what she’s doing,” says Soderbergh, who calls the TV show more of an origin story. Soderbergh: Philip Fleishman, who I knew because I made this concert film with him 30 years ago, was coming through New York. ” I knew Lodge, because I produced one of his movies.

“Here was an opportunity to watch somebody fall into this.” about the challenges of adapting the series, their inhibitions (or lack thereof) in filming, and why he’s found creative freedom in television. We were just talking and he said, “I think ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ is a really great format for a TV show.” I said, “God, yeah. I knew Amy because I was friends with Shane Carruth (who collaborated with Seimetz on “Upstream Color” and “We’ll Find Something”). Then we took it to (Starz CEO) Chris (Albrecht) and he said, “Let’s do it.” It all happened really fast. Soderbergh: I think because of my relationship with Chris.

I knew we’d have the freedom to turn this over to the filmmakers and literally let them do what they wanted to do.