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There Nishino Purin, whom he had adored, was also working.

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They wielded the Kokoro-energy, which is the energy generated by putting their minds and Shuta's together in order to fight against the evil syndicate, Libido-Kingdom.Will Shuta and the Famires (short for Family Restaurant) fighters be able to save the peace of the Earth while dipping into this harem situation?(Source: Anime Nfo)No characters or voice actors have been added to this title.Help improve our database by adding characters or voice actors here.No staff for this anime have been added to this title.

Help improve our database by adding staff for this anime here.Sex Warrior Pudding is one of the funniest Hentai I've seen since Darling came out a couple of years ago.It parodies everything from Magical Girls to Mecha during the 3 episodes of the series.The manga was adapted into a three-episode erotic original video animation series produced by Milky.Directed by Katsuma Kanazawa, the series was released by Milky between May 25, 2004 and February 25, 2005.In a hentai parody of Tokyo Mew Mew, a team of magical girls named after various desserts work as waitresses at the maid café Alamode, which is a front for the Global Defense Organization, dedicated to fighting an alien invasion of rapist monsters.