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The Defense Department has consistently said it couldn’t have gotten to Benghazi in time to save Americans.

[...] The report will also dig into the flawed talking points the administration used after the attack, in which top officials like Susan Rice blamed the attack on a protest against an anti-Islamic video.

The panel, speaking to those on the ground as well as those who flew drones over the region the night of the attack, said no one on the ground ever thought a video had anything to do with what happened that night.

[ Democrats On Select Committee On Benghazi Blast Republicans On Panel For Targeting Hillary Clinton Politically Without Finding New Information.

House Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi released a report on June 27 slamming the Republican-led panel for finding “little new information while targeting Hillary Clinton politically.” According to Bloomberg, the report concluded: The 339-page report accuses Gowdy of conducting the investigation “like an overzealous prosecutor desperately trying to land a front-page conviction rather than a neutral judge of facts seeking to improve the security of our diplomatic corps.” The Democrats, who said they will post the committee’s unclassified interview transcripts online, also asserted that the panel’s Republicans have waited to release their report “until directly before the presidential conventions for maximum political impact.” [Bloomberg, 6/27/16] , host Sean Hannity attacked the Obama administration for citing an anti-Islam video posted on You Tube as a catalyst for the attack in Benghazi.

After nearly four years of right-wing myths about the September 2012 attack on an American diplomatic compound and CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya, and as Republicans and Democrats on the House Select Committee on the attacks release their reports, has compiled a list of more than 50 myths and facts regarding the origin of the attack, the security surrounding the compounds, the Obama administration’s handling of the attack during and after its occurrence, attacks on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other lies and misinformation regarding the Benghazi attack.

Republicans On House Benghazi Committee Issue 800-Page Report That Second Guesses Generals, Focuses On Talking Points.

Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee released an 800-page final report criticizing military officials for not responding to Benghazi in time.

Department of Defense officials have said they could not have gotten there in time, but the report argues “DOD should have tried because it didn’t know at that moment when the final wave of attacks would end,” according to .

The report also “dig[s] in” on talking points the Obama administration used linking the attack to an protests over an inflammatory anti-Islam video, claiming “no one on the ground ever thought a video had anything to do with what happened that night.” From The report will also detail the Defense Department’s failure to move assets to respond during the attack.

The panel found that while President Barack Obama and then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved the military to do all that it could just after that night, no one was deployed for hours and DOD failed to meet deployment times, according to one committee staffer.

While the administration has said it was beefing up security for Americans the day before the Sept.