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The page Douchebags of Grindr features 57 pages of prize gems; screen shots of some of the most direct and exclusionary profiles around. “You’re dealing with people, who are naturally imperfect, you’re going to find those who can prefer a particular race or religion or cup size,” says relationship coach April Masini.Having a certain preference for a certain style isn’t inherently wrong.But the approach some employ when advertising them should be examined.

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” In that sense, Rox says, stating a specific racial preference in one’s profile just isn’t necessary.It’s hard to say why such overt prejudices seem so prevalent on gay dating apps in particular.Maybe it’s easier to be more direct in places where gender divisions don’t exist.Maybe others feel that maintaining certain formalities simply isn’t necessary.If you don’t have enough jerks in your life, sign up for an online dating app.

It will only be a matter of time before you encounter some spectacularly offensive and unsolicited people and materials.

Shallowness in online dating manifests in different ways, but is mostly about appearance. The plight of bald men has been well articulated by the likes of Larry David and Louis CK.

And of course, anytime we talk about appearance, race will eventually come into play.

Online dating apps provide fertile ground for these kinds of appearance-based biases to take root.

And that’s starting to spark some very important discussions around dating and identity.

OK Cupid co-founder Christian Rudder once told NPR, “Black users, especially, there’s a bias against them.