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And it is quite possible that you may see no action for several quarters.

and seen the speed it magically brings to stalled processes, I recently user the Right to Information intervention to get an update on my PF transfer request.

In fact, within 4 days of receiving my RTI query, the concerned PF office has carried out the pending transfer and followed it up with multiple SMS updates.

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The first watch was with drained out batteries that had stopped at 3.37 several months back, and the second one was five minutes slower than the standard local time.

While getting ready for office in the morning, an enterprise bard had two watches in his house to choose from.

The above graph clearly established which watch was superior to the other.

Watch 1, that was not moving due to drained out batteries was showing correct time twice a day.

Watch 2 on the other hand was slower by 5 minutes all days the entire month and therefore did not show correct time even once in a day.

However, he wanted to be sure from all perspectives and with further analysis, he got more decision support insights.