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While Anonymity-to-Celebrity slides vertically, Sanity-to-Insanity slides horizontally. Here’s a screencap of the “About Sankaku Complex” page. Followed by my “Shikaku (Square)” interpretation of the “Otakusphere”.

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This week, our melodramatic mega-cast launches a three-stage nuclear warhead into the outer edges of the otaku blogosphere.

Unloading their celebrity, anonymity, sanity, and insanity like there’s no tomorrow.

And let’s hack into the cyber-scrambled broadcast frequency…

In the mid-1980s, a man named Hayao Miyazaki launched the environmental rocket “Nausicaä” into the stratosphere. In the mid-1990s, two men named Hideaki Anno and Mamoru Oshii launched their respective apocalyptic missiles “Evangelion” and “Ghost in the Shell” into the cybersphere.

Inevitably, in 2006-2007, a new force named Danny Choo launched the international warhead “Tokyo Dance Trooper” into the lower blogosphere.

Ultimately, in 2008-2009, a new storm led by “Artefact” launched the global warhead “Sankaku Complex” into the upper blogosphere.

Is such exponential growth leading to exponential decay? Whether or not they’re humor-based terms of endearment.

While I don’t mind his understandable pride in owning such pretty works of art, I still find it rather unsettling, if not bordering on the edge of creepy, to refer to such dolls as “daughters”. I mean, throughout my own figure collection, from the 1st to the 92nd figure, I found each character to be sentimental, inspirational or beautiful. I can also understand “following one’s passion”, but then again, “with great passion comes great responsibility” too, right? Whether the incident was an elaborate practical joke or not, the believability of such a phenomenon is unmistakable. Which doesn’t reflect very well on “Melonpan” either.

Does anyone else feel the four corners of the otakusphere beginning to vibrate, rumble and crumble? Lingering across several “Danny Choo” articles from “Dollfie Ryomo Shimei” (, 3rd Dollfie) to “Dollfie Nanoha” (, 4th Dollfie) to “Dollfie Eyes” (), Danny refers to his Dollfie acquisitions as “daughters”. Drilling from the “Danny Choo” article “Otaku Graduation” () to the “Angry Mimi” article “Leaving the Anime World” () to the “Sankaku Complex” article “Uber Otaku Melonpan Abandons Otaku Ways” (), we witness the photo-by-photo crumbling of an otaku mind called “Melonpan”. Struggling from the “Sankaku Complex” articles “Rape Eroge Banned” () and “Media Invents Eroge Ban” () to the “Danny Choo” article “Rapelay” () to the “Angry Mimi” article “Knowing How to Debate Intelligently” (), we experience the flame-by-flame battling from both sides of the “Rapelay” eroge ban.

In early May 2009, news of the “Anime Bubble Burst” spread like wildfire. Here’s a screencap of the “Sankaku Complex” article () from my Blog 201 (). The next unsettling sign to catch my eye, spanned from early-to-late May 2009. The third twisted sign to catch my eye, rumbled in late May 2009. The fourth burning sign to catch my eye in a month, also rumbled in late May 2009. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next few years witnessed the rabid rise of politically-driven witch-hunts which severely restricted the production (via higher risk and lower profit) of not only Japanese games, but anime, manga and figures as well. I’m not saying DC’s demagogic or something, but I want him to beware of fictional info about japan. The 1923 earthquake pretty much flattened Tokyo where 105,000 died in the magnitude 7.9 – 8.4 quake that lasted over 4 minutes. Then Tokyo was re-flattened again in the B29 bombings where another 100,000 people were killed – pics of re-flattened Tokyo at Tokyo Uni.

The first major sign to catch my eye, rumbled last month. Simple or not, complex or not, the issue is undeniably intense. Here’s a screencap of the first “Sankaku Complex” article. A perception from not simply outside the otakuspheric community, but within it as well. Or are these the first few signs of things to come? As of Saturday, , 7pm, here’s what Mimi-chan and Chie discussed. disgusted how he pretend to be familiar with Japan, not considering how japanese people’s feeling… would mad at this if it were an insult for their own country. demagogic media, Mainichi, TBS, hentai rag forced to back down, media invents eroge ban… Many buildings still stand after many centuries surviving the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and bombings in 1945.