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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanna tell you about Aida Feta-Pipic who was famous on myspace, twitter and instagram before she got hacked. He travels, so he does this in different cities (most recently Chicago and Washington DC).Even though shes a 6’3″ professional basketball player (and part time model I guess) she is thick and curvy, stays in heels, cooks and seems very amusing and down to earth in her tweets and videos on instagram. I know there are so many girls on this site that are way more attractive but I am just wondering if I should lose more weight? He’s been evicted from the past 2 places he has lived, and will lie about EVERYTHING.She entertains her followers daily and she speaks 9 languages fluently cause shes Albanian, Croatian, German and some other stuff. His credit score is so low that he can’t get approved for an apartment, so he is forced to find girlfriends to cosign with him on leases. He is unemployed most of the time, but tells people he is everything from a lawyer to a restaurant owner in Chicago (it’s hilarious when you know he is really just a restaurant kitchen worker).

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My question is, even though she’s an athlete in a sport many of us think is a joke, do you take her seriously? He stole ,000 from his last girlfriend and opened a credit card in her name (silly Brian, that’s called identity theft).

I see 3 pounds around the waist area I don’t like.- nik THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is the life of the party in Chicago, and so fun to be around…until you realize he is a leech. He uses different names on multiple online dating websites to sleep with multiple women at once.

He even put his student loan payments on her credit card! Me and the guys might have just liked her cause word got around that she looked like this porn star named Ember (before Ali gained sh*t tons of weight).

He is the definition of a deadbeat dad; his illegitimate child is owed ,000 from his unpaid child support. He makes up so many twisted stories that you can’t keep them straight. Out of curiosity I went and looked it up and she really did look like this porn star (Ali used to be way thinner).

Look out for him in River North or in Wrigleyville, or anywhere where there are single women to be preyed on. The woman in question, Holly Fullerton, shared her version of events with WLFI. Although she hasn’t been relevant to me for some time, her name came up when I was discussing going to an alumni event.

I bet he keeps a drawer full of wet naps (for showers).- nik THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Purdue has suspended cornerback Sean Collins indefinitely, after the 21-year-old was arrested after allegedly punching a woman at a bar. She claims she intervened when a drunk Collins tried to fight a male friend. I was shocked to see how much poundage she’s packed on.Like any other girl at Purdue (where the girl ratio is 3:7 against us so the girls all act like they’re hot shit and in demand) above a 5.3948502, she is a stuck up cnt and would only talk to guys “in the right house”.She once pressed my case for awhile (I was a Pike), but then I told her I was seeing one of her “sisters” and it was starting to turn into something.Then she acts all surprised cause they’re “such good friends” and she didn’t know.I felt kind of awkward for a second since I was told my girl never mentioned me to her supposed good friend, but then it turned out they only know each other from their house and never on their own free time (like fake ass sorority bitches).I tried to refer Ali to my friend, and she said she doesn’t talk to DTDs.