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The main strength of the collection is in our holdings of UK mapping, current and historical and with both topographic (general purpose) and thematic (special purpose) series taken.In particular, there is excellent coverage for the North West and Manchester. The best known national map series, arranged by the National Grid sheet number. These maps cover Britain's National Parks and other areas of outstanding natural beauty.Many folded editions held are shelved in the Purple Ground area. Folded editions are available in the Purple Ground area, further editions are available upon request. These maps cover the parts of Britain not covered by the Outdoor Leisure Series.

The latest series combines both the Outdoor Leisure and the Explorer Series as Explorer Outdoor Activity maps. Most of the 89 sheets published are held, and give detailed information about the countryside. Current Ordnance Survey mapping of the UK is also available via the Edina Digimap service (University of Manchester staff and students only) and Ordnance Survey Open Data products.

Miscellaneous sheets at other scales are also available. Thematic maps covering themes such as physical geology, environment, land use, population, navigation, transport, population, emotion mapping and cartographic artworks are also available.

Some of these are single sheet maps; others are whole series such as those listed below: British Geological Survey Series.

Various scales covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with accompanying Geological Memoirs and Sheet Explanations. Various scales with accompanying bulletins and reports. 1: 100 000 maps showing areas vulnerable to pollution Admiralty charts.

Various scales charting the oceans and coastlines of the UK and other parts of the world.

Land Utilisation Surveys by Dudley Stamp (1st ed.) and Alice Coleman (2nd ed.) The map collection offers an extensive range of historical maps ranging from a 15th century map of the world to an enviable collection of old maps and plans of Manchester.Many of our antiquarian maps are held at the John Rylands Library, Deansgate, along with a number of rare atlases which depict our developing knowledge of the world and which showcase the work of prolific map-makers such as Christopher Saxton, Gerardus Mercator, and the Blaeu family.The urban development of the City of Manchester is well documented in our colleciton of old Ordnance maps dating from the 1800's to the present day.These are available at various scales, some so detailed that they show the interiors of public buildings, lamposts and individual trees.The collection also comprises maps and plans from private surveyors, such as William Green and Joseph Adshead, who both produced detailed plans of Manchester which show the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the city's landscape.Many of our old maps have been digitised and are available to view in our online map collection.