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Guys a friend of mine has got the below offer please give in your inputs. I have been offered a full time position 25k/month. Initially, I would come alone for a couple of months or may be 4 months then will see what work best for us. please write to me at [email protected] Kind Regards, Maverick Guys!!

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I know I can bring more value to the Industry I am in, even for companies in Dubai.

I know, probably you heard of people being fine with 15k since they live like rats saving everything and in their home countries probably houses are still way cheap (but it'll not last long at this rate), but at that point better explore the opportunities in Europe NAm and Australia where you can count on a social welfare (great when you've family and kids) and there's a different quality of life involving difference in social classes and possible discrimination @Taaj Thank you for your inputs. Alternatively, I look for better opportunity to switch over.

I think everybody should stick around the minimum I pointed out, so 25k without accommodation or 20k with it, something lower would be bad for an experienced specialist and it would badly contribute to lower down the average salaries of the city and by consequence ruin the market. Hope even if I able to save 7K after taking all expenses out in 8K, then its fine.

We have a small kid (not yet an year old) which we plan to send to a good school for education.

The job is located in JLT area, so I might plan living nearby. You can always come here with the family and later harvest for a better opportunity since then the other companies will not have the burden of the relocation expenses for you.

Do you guys think this is a good salary for this conditions? In Dubai really it depends a lot on how you wanna live ...for a midclass life I always count a cost of 11k AED a month rent included for a single person, that means 5/6k a month for you, I think you can live in 2 with 8k but really you and your wife will have to count the fils.The biggest expenses are education for kids, telecoms (mobile, home TV and internet), post services, and entertainment (especially if you like drinking and clubbing) @Taajedine Thanks for your valuable inputs. Right now, The current situation is my current employer is shutting down its operation.I have to look for a job in next two months, and the Dubai offer is just that has come along.Though, the offer is not tempting but to keep myself going, I may have to take this one. Since, the cant stay away from me I shall have to bring them with me.My wife is a fine arts graduate she is house wife and though she can teach art, craft, and drawings in Dubai. You are absolutely right 15K +1BHK+ Medical Ins are just good enough for a Single Man but not for family. 15k + BHK + benefits would be good FOR A SINGLE MAN; the BHK as benefits is like saving 6k to 8k /month.