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We went into a couple of strip clubs, and my American gent wanted me to get up on stage and dance for him.

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We had a great time, but that was not the end of it.

The gent was staying in a rather nice hotel and now he wanted me to come with him to his hotel.

I don’t mind spending personal time with a gent in a hotel, but I like to have dated him a few times before I do so.

I explained as he was here for a week, spending personal time in his hotel room was something that we could do later on in the week.

Sometimes you do get some bad dates at London escorts.

Last weekend I was working at London escorts when I ended up dating this American gent.It was his first visit to London and he wanted to date London escorts.Some of his colleagues back in the US had told him that London escorts are the best and that we are up for anything.That is not really the case and I can think of many things that London escorts will not do.I think that American escorts are up for anything, but London escorts like to make sure they are a bit more careful.First of all, this guy wanted to go for a pub and bar crawl around Soho.