Olka aunty

The Surry Hills outpost is the first step of expansion for the Enmore success story that is Great Aunty Three. They roast their pork belly low and slow at the new Great Aunty Three in Surry Hills, cooked overnight in temperature-controlled ovens and then cranked up in the morning so a layer of crackling bubbles up across the surface.

It's a long journey on the train out to Campbelltown, but the trip is well worth it when there's freshly baked rye bread at the other end.For my latest column for Time Out Sydney I headed to Olka Polka, a Polish bakery and deli that's been a godsend for homesick ex-pats for almost a decade.The business has no relation to Sammy and Bella Jakubiak, the NSW sisters who used the same name for their home restaurant in the TV series My Kitchen Rules.The shop is a popular stop on local food tours - just make sure you get there early to nab a square of authentic cheesecake or a sugary jam-filled donut. Wherever you are in Poland, you'll always find sernik, the national dessert of baked cheesecake.The filling is rich with egg and sweet cheese curd, creating a light, fluffy topping. Olka Polka in Campbelltown, a specialist in Polish food. The shop started almost ten years ago as a bakery but has since expanded to include deli and grocery lines for homesick Poles.

The shop is small but neat and clean, with baking down out the back.

They have all kinds of sernik Polish cheesecake ( for a square), including plain, variations with peach or raisins, and a traditional version layered with a thick paste of ground poppy seeds and butter.

The cheesecake squares come covered in a thin layer of icing or dusted with icing sugar. You can get into all your Polish favourites here, like makowiec (), a sweet bread stuffed with poppy-seed paste and smothered in icing.

If poppy seeds aren't your style, try the soft and spongy drozdzowka yeast cake ( for a slice, .50 for a slab) with a crumble topping.

Paczek Polish donuts (.50) filled with a squirt of plum jam are the most popular, often sold out by mid-morning. The display cabinet is chock-full of Polish smallgoods, including black pudding (.60/kg), cold smoked hams (.90/kg) and the lightly smoked mysliwska Hunter's sausage (.50/kg), made with pork, pepper and juniper.

Eat with a thick slice of their famous rye bread (.30 for a 900g loaf), sold under the Olka Polka label at a dozen Polish delis across Sydney.