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Yes, it was horrible, but there is nothing modern Japanese citizens can do about what their ancestors did.3. Has any of the allies who did this apologized to Japan, ever? NY0831, I respect what you are saying here but I just wanted to point out a few things and respond to your points a bit.1. so as a child, I aim to let everyone know what exactly happened when i become an adult.

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And there are countless other cases where history has been used. Horrible acts have been performed on many different people, and that's what you guys refuse to acknowledge. I know that we may have killed some of your people in the past, and I do say sorry. F***ing JAPS thinking they can do whatever the f*** they want! And then I learned it but I grew up with heated debate about Dokdo and started wondering are they really Korean.And also, if you're worrying about the Koreans using history in their arguments, doesn't it show that you fear that Koreans will be able to simply prove their right to the islands? You say that Japanese students are fully aware of their past war crimes from history textbooks but what you don't realize is that history textbooks guide lined by the countries themselves usually hold tremendous amounts of bias. But what I'm trying to get across here is the fact that Japan in their own history textbooks tend to numb down and be euphemistic about their previous war crimes whereas other places' history textbooks may tell it more objectively, or even biased towards the other side. but really, most of the killings and torture have mostly been performed by YOU. They should all go have a tour of hiroshima and nagasaki so that they can be reminded of what happens when they f*** with other people's land. they should all be pinned as rapists and cannibals! Plus I was out side of country and they put East Sea as Sea of Japan. I was so sure about it bc I looked at Japanese opinion and records also and they seemed just so obvious.So you can't claim that the children learning about the war crimes solves the previous sins.3. So, I looked it up for like a week about what their claims were. But then, out of no where, in 1905, they claimed that Dokdo was some Terra nullius. I read a comment that says "And Japanese did all these bad things to Korea until 1945.You also bring up that the Japanese have fully apologized but what you don't realize is that there still are many numerous people who still await apologies from the Japanese war criminals. I go to an International school in Shanghai and all my Japanese friends agree that Japan is pushing too hard without much logic. That does not make sense at all bc they did mention about dokdo a few times before but now they are saying nope it was not it. I was just so mad when i found out all those stuff not bc they are false-claiming and making a whole new history but bc the fact that this is still in debate when it clearly belongs to south korea. Japan is a good country now." well, japan now does not do things they've done but the reason koreans are just so mad about the history btw japan is that they don't admit that.In Korea alone, there are hundreds, even thousands of people that were world war 2 rape victims. did something wrong in the past It is not just small something wrong It is very important and serious problemand you didn't say "sorry"It is not hard to say sorrywhy you don't say sorry? PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT DOKDO!!! What the Korean soccer player did was not right and i feel we should apologize- and we did. which means japan does everything such as making up history not just about dokdo, about every single piece of their history but korea, they do know that it is their's but they are not doing like as strong and straight-forward as japan do. If they are making new, beneficial "story" for themselves, who can learn the truth and real facts about history in japan? If you constantly got hit by your neighbor who you have to live next to for ever and he never said it was his bad and that he is sorry, you would never forget that cuz you, your parents, AND your grandparents went through it. There's no point of voting when It belongs to Korea without a doubt. korea already has itkorea has always had itand korea will always have itno need to even say korea deserves it because the word 'deserve' gives a false idea that korea actually should put in effort to get what has already been belonged to korea. -by Joshua Funkhouser Korea had been owning this land for a really long time, Japan has to acknowledge it. Korea had been owning this land for a really long time, Japan has to acknowledge it. Japanese wants to be the Dokdo became a international dispute area.

Other than that, Japan tortured thousands of people during the war which just outright violated the Geneva Convention agreements. It is why korean is really upset at Japan As you know, whoever have lived in Korea or Japan will have different feelings. Mostly world-wide, the story has been sent out that Dokdo(Dakeshima) has been into Japanese territory at 1951. At 1951, Korea was in between a war with Russia and Japan. JAPAN teaches to their students that DOKDO is JAPAN'S! Also, they need to know that we are not fighting with you guys because of past, we are fighting you guys(Japan) because you are lying like one of fox that want to eat one good thing with no work. But that is no reason to say 'Koreans are rule-breakers.'For those who say Koreans are superficial and arrogant, I agree in some parts. Also, I admit to the educational problems we have and I also agree that we are behind Japan in terms of economy and technology. It is historically obvious and crystal- clear, just the fact that Japan has dragged Korea into making this a fight breaks my heart. I do understand that history can not be 100% objective, but at least they should not. you can't just say "hey but we dont do that nowadays huh? I'm going to Ulleung-do and Dokdo this week and am really excited to see MY country's beautiful, clear Excuse my to the past to the 1940's japan was controling south korea and they did so many bad things to them. People who dont even know Korean history you would never say it. Japan didnt care about dokdo before Korean start came to live in. Korea had been owning this land for a really long time, Japan has to acknowledge it. In my opion that website created japanese,coz mostly japanese wrote bad things about korea x DI have read some comments and i startet hate japanese,however i liked Japan bc of ma favourite anime Naruto_My opinion is really serious than my nationality/to me means born in country Korea, Japan and all the other countries but Korea gets the island because 'Why can't japan suck on their own islands? There are piles of proof everywhere, in JAPANESE textbooks of the past, and of course the books for taxes, history, etc. There are piles of proof everywhere, in JAPANESE textbooks of the past, and of course the books for taxes, history, etc. Because if Dokdo became a international dispute area, It will be more easier to have Dokdo. The only thing we should do is "DON'T CARE WHAT ARE THEY TALKING" Dokdo is Korean area.

And outside of Korea, you can still see huge anti-Japan sentiments in China and many other Asian nations from World War 2. They were fighting over the Korea's cultural territory. For those of you who keep saying that we have no facts to support our claim, look this up on google: 'why is Takeshima Japanese'and'why is Dokdo Korean'See for yourself and compare. they once tried to get our land and still they say one of our territory is theirs its not so funny stop jocking to say dokdo is yours. you know how much dirty things you did to many korean women. "And I think they shouldn't use the term "Liancourt Rocks" just because it is on debate and they don't know which side should they go in. to women japanese solider did sexual things to them to get out the the people who wanted to be free from the japan they didn't use the weapons and drew korean flag and went out the street,but japanese people kill all of them. There are piles of proof everywhere, in JAPANESE textbooks of the past, and of course the books for taxes, history, etc. ' and why can't we all say Korea has it because there might be a real war like the may upcoming world war III where we all say "Why can't we have Peace?!! Of course they have the land thing of Dokdo, it was counted as INVALID after Korean freedom. Of course they have the land thing of Dokdo, it was counted as INVALID after Korean freedom. We can see almost 100 of proof that Dokdo is Korea's you must be really stupid or something, the Liancourt Rocks ARE disputed because Korea is saying that it belongs to THEM, which is of course not true. Of course, because YOU GUYS HAVE NO LEGAL AND VALID PROOF, in other words, the Korean government knows that they are going to lose if they go to court.

And you claim that Japan has fully apologized but this is untrue. But when the war was over, Japan has took over Dokdo illegally. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT DOKDO!!! Also, check out the site below to read what I have to say about why, historically&factually, Dokdo is Korean. says Why Dokdo is Japanese territory, not Nalttae earthquake in Japan Dokdo is not an earthquake. you should be ashamed to say dokdo is takesimanice try Abe. Long time ago, in the past, Japan and Korea agreed and recorded that Dokdo is Korea's land. when some people who wnats to be free gets caught by japanese they got very serious torture things to them. many years ago Korea was under Japanese survillance for 10years. Of course they have the land thing of Dokdo, it was counted as INVALID after Korean freedom. That is why Japan wants Korea to go to the International Court of Justice to solve this issue at court. SO, what the Koreans do instead is post propaganda all over the world, like in the US, which of course has nothing to do with matter s between Korea and Japan, and post gigantic billboards to spread your lies. -written by Zewarn Peso You see japan has it's islands.

Consisting of 90 islands located located an almost identical distance between mainland Japan and Korea, the tiny land mass of the Liancourt Rocks known as Dodko in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese have been at the center of an ownership dispute between the two nations. Saying that Korean people should not make a big deal out of a small island is not a clever thing to do, as you may not know the complete history and how it exactly happened.

Although the total surface area of the rocks consists of less than 0.2 square kilometers, they are located in rich fishing grounds and may contain large deposits of natural gas. It is pathetic that some people tell others to not make a fuss because they haven't experienced trauma and death that other people have.

I went to Korea during this summer and I have to say Dokdo is our land. Also, if you didn't know, from 1933 to 1945, japanese doctors performed countless numbers of cruel experiments on Chinese, Russian, Mongolian and Korean people.