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Hey everyone, just keeping my journal up to date with my newest tutorial and also my older freebies too Firstly I just wanted to mention that I'm streaming more often these days over on my twitch channel, where I answer lots of questions!And all streams are archived over on my youtube channel My latest tut is now available through gumroad.

Experienced painters will likely know all of this and more, but I always try to cover everything for the sake of any beginners watching.It's quite different from previous tutorials as this is a full blown scene, rather than just a stand alone character.* You can also grab my brush pack for free, along with an art chat video through gumroad.I have more tutorials available through my website as well!I'll send it right off " and Phebe but I see she out " observed Will Phebe in sweeping dusting.

Comedian Aziz Ansari talks about the difference between dating online and in person.

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And lastly, another freebie is a terribly old tutorial of mine.

It was the first one I made and whilst I think it's pretty outdated now, it may still be helpful to some.

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