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Plateau offers a modern French dining experience in the heart of Brighton.

The locally sourced food is easily some of the best to be had in the area, and the drinks menu is a veritable master class in wine matching.

It’s always a great sign to see groups of friends insisting to each other that they “ try this cocktail”, and the sights and smells of a parade of fantastic-looking plates streaming out of the kitchen bode very well for the evening to come. So often an ambiguous afterthought, here there was a great fusion of genres and styles that really added to the elegantly bustling atmosphere.I later found out that Plateau puts a lot of pride into its unique monthly playlists.It was the first of many reminders that when it comes to the dining experience, Plateau really does treat every aspect with a great deal of care and attention.After one of the nicest glasses of Syrah that I can ever recall having, we were shown to our table.Sharing platters can sometimes leave you with a feeling of missing out, but at Plateau they are a speciality designed to steal the show, with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian.

We decided on the platter, and as we neared the end of our generous portions of slow-roasted pork belly, spiced quail and venison empanada, etiquette dictated that I offer my date the final bites. Whether you’re looking for a casual spot to share a carafe and a selection of bites, or want a full sit-down experience with wine matching fit for any big occasion, you really can let your mood decide here.

And it’s this quality that sets Plateau apart as a fantastic place for any first date in Brighton.

At the end of the evening it felt only right to finish with a , a selection of all the desserts on offer, paired with a glass of sweet chardonnay.

To say this place has a passion for wine would be an understatement.

Offering an outstanding array of organic, biodynamic and natural wines from artisan and independent producers, the choice is truly exceptional.

With over 20 wines by the glass and eight pages of bottles, navigating the wine list could have been a rather mystifying experience, but the attentive staff fizzed with enthusiasm and knowledge, taking us on a journey of flavours that perfectly matched both our tastes and our food.