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If you have never logged on to a campus computer, the initial password is a combination of your first 3 letters of birth month (capitalize the first letter), & (shift+7), and last four digit of your social security number.

For example, if you are born in April and the last four digits of your social security number are 4575, then your initial password is Apr&4575 (case sensitive).

After you logon with the initial password, you will be prompted to change to a new password. Access Blackboard Once you are in my Comm Net, click Blackboard icon at upper right. Seven days before the first day, your course will be listed on My Institution page.

To go to another course, click on My Institution (upper right) and click on the course title.View Video Instruction on How to Log on to Blackboard.Web: Ticket Submission: Log on with your ID and password and use “Ask a Question”.Phone: 860-723-0221Hours of Operation Monday-Thursday, am – pm Friday, am – pm Sunday, pm – pm Need assistance with Online courses, Blackboard, or My Comm Net, contact Distance Learning.Middlesex Community College (Middletown, Connecticut) offers a variety of online distance learning classes, credit or non-credit, as well as fully online Career Training Programs.

With a wide variety of fully credit online courses, students are able to complete an Associate Degree in General Studies – Liberal Arts focus.

These credit online classes are supported on Blackboard Learn course management system and run throughout a regular semester during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

In partnership with Ed2Go, we also offer more than 100 Career Training Programs and 500+ non-credit online courses.

Career training online programs usually last 3- 6 months starting immediately after you sign up.

Non-credit online courses start on the third Wednesday of a month and last for six weeks.

You can take an online class 24/7– anywhere, anytime without coming to our campuses.