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"But we have an absolute belief in the principle of self-determination.

A brain scan shows areas of reduced gray matter volume in the medial prefrontal cortex of the brain of the psychopathic group of antisocial men compared to the non-psychopathic group of antisocial men.

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The deal was accepted in 1974 by President Juan Domingo Perón with "euphoria", but was never concluded because he died three weeks after the offer was made, according to a document seen by Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

Britain did not trust his wife and successor, María Estela Martínez, and so the plan was dropped, the newspaper reported.

Eight years later the two countries went to war when Argentinian troops invaded the islands in 1982.

"On this basis, Her Majesty's Government propose that, if the Argentine Government agree, official or preliminary official talks should take place in Buenos Aires as soon as possible." James Hutton, the British ambassador to Argentina, handed the note to Alberto Vignes, the Argentine foreign minister, at a meeting June 11, 1974.When the Argentine president was informed of the offer, he reacted with "euphoria", said Carlos Ortiz de Rozas, a diplomat in the Peron administration."(Vignes) confided in me that Peron had told him: 'Let's accept.Once we have one foot in the Malvinas nobody will get us out and before long Argentina will have full sovereignty'" said Mr Ortiz de Rozas, 85.However, Peron died from a heart attack having suffered pneumonia on July 1, and was succeeded by his dancer wife, known as Isabel.She proved incapable of uniting the country, and the military junta toppled her from power in a coup in 1976.