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I've been having a play with a satellite tracking program.

Mathworks has a nice description of the conversion from ECEF to LLA and from LLA to ECEF.The Naval Postgraduate School has a web application to convert between the two representations.For orbital dynamics, the time doesn't really enter into the conversion between ECEF and LLA.That is only used to determine where the object in orbit is at that point in time (typically in ECEF).Also, the velocity vector changes over time as the object orbits the earth, but that doesn't have an impact on the conversion either. I'm not sure if the output from the program is correct because I'm able to check it with that web application and the ECEF it generates are massively different from the ones the program does if I use the known Lat and Longitute of the given time to generate them.

I've converted from Giga Meters to Kilo Meters as the program outputs in GM. first ensure that the position vectors are in ECEF or in ECI frame.....

If it is in ECEF, covert it directly to Lat Long Alt.

In case of ECI, convert it to ECEF frame by calculating local sidereal time using julian date and then proceed with ECEF2LLA conversion...

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The ECEF position is calculated from geocentric latitude at mean sea-level (╬╗The planet is assumed to be ellipsoidal. Lewis, Aircraft Control and Simulation, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1992. H., Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics, AIAA Education Series, Reston, Virginia, 2000."Atmospheric and Space Flight Vehicle Coordinate Systems," ANSI/AIAA R-004-1992.