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Look for telltale marks under the glaze, not on it, on the back or bottom of the piece. A New York manufacturer that set up a Limoges factory, Bawo & Dotter, called their firm Elite Works and started turning out porcelain marked "Elite France" or "Elite Works France" in 1892.

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It is worth noting that many of the websites below have in depth histories, patterns and other valuable information in addition to the marking.These websites will open in their own window or tab.When you are done researching another site, you may just close their window (or tab) and still be able to explore more of the links here.*Spode datestamp examples and some of the backstamps is generously made available at Spode History blog.The site is a wonderful collection of knowledgeable history for Spode pottery manufactory in Stoke-upon-Trent. Restoration are offering lessons and teaching aids for learning china repair / ceramic restoration.Titanic's china patterns with photos of makers marks is available with a very good article plus refferances at Restoration is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites. We provide instructional media with a selection of china restorer supplies.

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