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We also have a portal page that is an extremely condensed set of some of the best links available; we won't repeat these here (much). All information is included on this single page, for ease of searching.See our graphics book list for upcoming, recent, and recommended books.What follows are books that are FREE ONLINE, ordered by publication date.

: Shader Programming Tips and Tricks with Direct X 9.0, edited by Wolfgang Engel, Nov.

2003, download for free, also free code download and notes.

I particularly like the articles that Marwan Ansari coauthored.

: Introductions and Tutorials with Direct X 9.0, edited by Wolfgang Engel, Nov.

(Kindle Edition, Google e Book), by Tomas Akenine-Möller, Eric Haines, and Naty Hoffman, 1045 pages, from A. Peters Ltd., 3rd edition, ISBN 978-1-56881-424-7, 2008, list price 2.95. Look inside, or order it from Amazon or Google e Books.

The whole book is available on Books24x7 to subscribers.More information about the book's contents can be found here.Other pages and resources hosted here: The 2nd Edition resources page has been kept around just in case.This page is no longer maintained, so expect dead links and stale information.That said, there are some articles linked that we no longer link to here, since we have added the material to our book.The rest of this page is dedicated to providing information related to the book's contents: new techniques, worthwhile websites, etc.