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It takes a tough woman to survive an affair, and an even tougher one to leave it.

And for the other woman, remember, this is all temporary. You can always get out and things If there's one thing that spices up an affair, it is choosing the perfect tryst: the perfect time and place where no one will ever see you together.

This chill-wave, indie-pop song captures the thrill of escape, of briefly going away and leaving everything behind. “Kinda I Want to” by Nine Inch Nails This danceable, "industrial" song from the band's debut album, "Pretty Hate Machine," is all sexy in a fiendish sort of way.

You may think you're appalled by this song’s sense of deviance, but the mishmash of synths, percussions, plus that carnal quality in Trent Reznor’s singing will get you swinging: This song by the ‘80s pop rock diva is about defiance - about defying the world, and even your partner, in the name of, yes, love.

But you shouldn't think of this song as defiance to the woman your man is married to.

You should know by now that there is little to no chance that he will leave his wife for you.

As Jullie Yap Daza tells us in her now-classic "manual," "Etiquette for Mistresses" This bittersweet song from 1960 suits the realization that every romantic relationship has an end.

Commendable, especially because it's rare, is the romance that leads further to a meaningful marriage.

And the expiry date for your kind of affair may come sooner than you anticipate. “In an Expression of the Inexpressible” by Blonde Redhead After you have relished those stolen moments with your lover, there will always be that point when you will realize how chaotic, even dangerous, the situation you have put yourself in.

Music you can relate your situation to MANILA, Philippines - “Deception is brutal.

I’m not pretending otherwise.” How Jude Law’s philandering character Dan Woolf carelessly spits out those words, in the movie (based on a play) "Closer," pretty much encapsulates how most men feel about cheating: devoid of guilt because they think it's second nature to them.

In a romantic triangle, we easily sympathize with the woman being cheated on, especially if kids are involved.