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Kharkivians speak Ukrainian, also Russian, as itis situated only 30km from the Russian border, but in most cases people there mix these both languages together.English is spoken poorly, mostly by young Ukrainians.Kharkiv International Airport (IATA: HRK), located 12.5km south-east of city centre.

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It has daily trains to all major cities and towns in Ukraine.It is recommended to buy railway tickets in advance at Ukrainian railways' e-Kvytok site [1] (press "English" button at the bottom right of the page).You will need to print booking form from the site and then fetch tickets from any Ukrainian Railways ticket office.Note that the person receiving Internet-ordered travel documents in the ticket office must present an identifying document to the booking-clerk.If you are travelling to or from Kiev on one of the Intercity+ "High Speed" trains you can print your ticket at home, there is no need to pick your ticket, just print it and go straight to your train.

The Metro is the fastest and easiest way of getting around.

Every day it carries nearly 1 million people; it is the most convenient public transport in Kharkiv. To enter the Metro you need to buy a token at automats you'll see at the entrance(now token looks like paper check).

One token is valid for one trip, no matter how far you go and how long it takes. You need to put the token into the turnstile to enter and pass it.

I will come to Ukraine next week and have to travel from Kiew to Lviv.

Could anyone tell me please where and how to buy tickets?

In addition, is there a useful timetable somewhere in the internet?