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That is why I was nervous also and was able to act in a lively manner.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” actress Jung Eun Ji recently revealed that Kim Bum was closer to her ideal type than Jo In Sung.

In the drama, Jung Eun Ji stole Kim Bum’s lips before slapping him across the face.

With the popular kiss in mind, Kim Bum promised that if the ratings for the drama reached 20 percent, he will kiss Jung Eun Ji.

When the interviewer said Kim Bum should ask for Jung Eun Ji’s opinion, Kim Bum replied, “At times like this, the guy has to take the lead.” Although initially surprised, Jung Eun Ji was swept by his charms and started to agree, when Kim Bum said he’ll do what he can.

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“As you can already imagine, in the drama, we are in a very lovey-dovey relationship that involves a lot of fighting and hitting.

The two of us are also curious how our relationship will develop throughout the drama.”I think that the good thing about Jung Eun Ji is that she is very bright and passionate.

Jung Eun-ji (born Jung Hye-rim, on August 18, 1993), is a South Korean idol singer, actress and songwriter.

She is best known as the main vocalist of the South Korean girl group Apink.

Jung made her acting debut in the coming-of-age drama, Reply 1997 in 2012. Hareem) and she also released a piano version of it.