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But -- last time I checked -- your will remains free. Yes, your parents may have overspent every year as you grew up.

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Yes, there may have been stacks of presents under your tree.

Yes, you think this is way Christmas "is supposed to be". Christmas is not "supposed to be" you, buying stuff you don't have money for. If you're a dad, and feel bad because you can't spend hundreds on everybody, tell them you don't have the money for it, and you'll still have a great Christmas. You're being bullied by a bunch of advertising majors.

Maybe it's just the latest excuse to overspend.

It has everything to do with : Your desire to have some kind of "perfect Christmas", your guilt, your insecurities, your conflict-avoidance, your expectations, and you know, just generally..

It has nothing to do with "needs", or even your kid, really.

Don't act like your kid "needs" a Zune, either.

If you don't have the money for it, you don't buy it.

Originalno napravljena od strane Meta Groninga, "Naša omiljena porodica" se prikazuje na malim ekranima preko 20 godina.

Porodica Simpson je prvo prikazivanje doživela u okviru šoua Trejsi Ulman, aprila 1987.

Simpsonovi nastavljaju da se prikazuju u njenom šou čitave tri sezone dok nisu počeli samostalno da se prikazuju, u decembru 1989.

Uz pomoć Džima Bruksa i Sema Simona, crtana porodica Meta Groninga se pretvorila u momentalan uspeh.