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Some SS men have confessed that there were some "gas chambers" at Auschwitz or at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The three most important confessions are those of Rudolf Höss, of Pery Broad and, finally, of Professor Doctor Johann Paul Kremer.

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On the other hand, the testimony of Johann Paul Kremer has been very useful to them.Personally, I think that the argument furnished by Kremer is in fact, from their point of view, a more valuable weapon than the absurd confession of Rudolf Höss.I must say that first the British and then the Poles made Höss speak in such a way that it is easy to destroy his testimony by simply comparing Commandant of Auschwitz with his numerous previous statements, among which I particularly recommend that of 14 March 1946 (Documents NO-1210 and D-749).I will limit myself therefore to studying what the Exterminationists themselves today seem to consider as the best of their weapons in respect to the existence and the use at Auschwitz of homicidal "gas chambers." If I add this adjective "homicidal," it is because there are, as you know, nonhomicidal gas chambers which it is impossible to use to kill men as it is said that the Germans did.She worked at that same famous CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris where Léon Poliakov also worked.

Germaine Tillion enjoys in France, for reasons of which I am unaware, considerable moral credit. Nevertheless, several years after the war, she went before the courts to overwhelm the persons responsible for Ravensbrück with her stories about the "gas chambers." Even more than her book about the camp (Ravensbrück, Paris, Le Seuil, 1973 reprinting, 284 pages), one must read her "Reflections on the Study of the Deportation" ("Reflexions sur 1'étude de la d6portation," in the Revue d'Histoire de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, July to September 1954, pp. Germaine Tillion begins by making some remarks regarding false testimony about the deportation.She says that she has "known of numerous mentally damaged persons, halfcrooks, half-fools, exploiting an imaginary deportation." She adds that she had known of other persons who were "authentic deportees, whose sick minds had striven to go even beyond the monstrous things that they had seen or about which people had spoken to them and which had reached them." She wrote further: "There were even some publishers to print certain of these fabrications, and some more or less official compilations to use them, but these publishers and editors absolutely cannot be excused, since the most elementary inquiry would have been sufficient for them to expose the deception." While reading those lines which already date from 26 years ago, we realize that the publishers and the editors of that kind have only increased in number and that the Martin Grays and the Filip Miillers still have a good future before them.Two of the three persons who confessed at Ravensbrück were hanged, and Dr. What is horrible is that without this he about the "gas chambers" they would perhaps have saved their lives.All of the armies of the world have some buildings, hastily equipped, for training their recruits in the wearing of gas masks.In France, these buildings bear the name "chambre à gaz" ("gas chamber"); in Germany, they are called "Gaskammer" or "Gasraum" ("Gas Chamber" or "gas room").There are also gas chambers for the disinfecting of clothes, for treating fruit, and the like.