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Louis, and Harry Price and the late Virginia Gifford at the Library of Congress, contributed and commented on the first and revised drafts. (Only LC can add the LCCN of the record to be deleted to the 010 field of the record to be retained.) Once you have replaced the authority record that is to be retained, do not report the duplicate record until the following work day, as the revised version of the record will not arrive at LC until then.

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The texts in this collection have come from many different sources including musical scores, online poetry collections, books, CD booklets, and concert programs.

Information about specific settings has often come from bibliographies and catalogs.

When possible, icons will indicate the status of a given text both as a verified stand-alone poem and as a sung text. Many additional sources are given below the texts themselves.This handbook is a compilation of examples with explanations for creating citations for sources of information in the authority record. When these headings are represented in the Library of Congress catalog, LC should be notified in certain cases so that bibliographic file maintenance (BFM) can be done. Because of new software that will inform LC when a 1XX field in an authority record has changed, it is no longer necessary to report "straightforward changes to 1XX headings," (which includes name/title heading changes).It does not encompass establishing the heading itself; only how to cite the sources in which information necessary to create the heading was found. Because the new software doesn't handle newly created authority records, it is still necessary to report the following changes: ° a new heading and authority record for a person removed an undifferentiated authority record ° a new authority record for a heading in the LC bibliographic file but not in the authority file, in which the heading in the new record differs from the form in the LC bibliographic file.The examples are not to be regarded as "rules." The fields that are affected are: 670: Source data found: includes information about the name or title represented in the 1XX field, including facts that contribute to the identification of the heading and that justify the choice of the form used as the 1XX heading and references to it. These types of changes and queries should be sent directly to the following e-mail address: [email protected]: Non-public general note: gives information of permanent value and general interest that is not necessarily taken from the item being cataloged. This e-mail account was established specifically to handle this correspondence.675: Source data not found: lists consulted sources in which information about the 1XX heading might be expected to be found, but was not. Responsibility for responding to BFM requests and queries will rotate monthly among senior music catalogers at LC.