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Stephen Bear and Lillie Lexie Gregg have appeared to confirm their romance, by liking several telling tweets on Twitter.

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She liked another tweet from a Twitter user that said: "@Lillie Gregg So so glad to see you moving on to a man that will actually treat you with respect.

#chinupandsmile." Other tweets included: "As if @Lillie Gregg and @stephen_bear are a couple!!!

#hotcouple." "Can't even begin to tell you how cute these two are☺️❤️ he makes her so happy☺️❤️ @Lillie Gregg @stephen_bear." Sounds like they are pretty smitten, right? Charlotte Crosby has pretty much confirmed Gaz's appearance on the show, and suggested that Lillie would be the ex turning up to surprise him on the beach.

Well, Lillie did share a *very* intimate snap of herself and Bear to Snapchat last night of him in between her legs. Bear, meanwhile, is claimed to have hooked up with Charlotte Dawson ( star Jess Hayes' BFF) during filming, according to reports.

The clear stand out performance from week two was Jake Wood.

Her bad body language is a real turn off for the audience that clearly don't like her.Gregg seems like such a jolly chap too, so how you cannot form a bond with the fellow.It would not surprise me if this was Aliona's last year on the show.MTV have so far not confirmed the official lineup and had no comment to make when contacted about the rumours by Reveal.Although, Bear appeared to leak the lineup for has teased stars of the past will be returning with 'unfinished business' and all of the above have already experienced the Tablet of Terror firsthand.Bear was a fan favourite on series three of MTV's dating show.