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'I was a national televangelist since I was 29, and the whole world had opened up for me in every stage,' he recalled.'I'm preaching in arenas, convention centers, mass, mega churches. 'I stepped outside of my marriage and had an extramarital affair that ultimately ended in a divorce to an incredibly wonderful woman - not because anything was flawed in the marriage, or in her, but in my own immaturity for the level that I was getting ready to go into.' Proud papa: Gizelle's father Curtis Graves served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1967 to 1973 and was a high-ranking official at NASA for three decades.enters the realm of bona fide tragedy via the most unlikely of avenues—a story about Pete Cooper, who heretofore came across as a superficial asshole with more ambition than brains.

Fun & games: Gizelle Bryant (center), Ashley Darby (bottom: second from left), Katie Rost (top left), Charrisse Jackson Jordan (top: second from right) and Karen Huger (bottom right) dress up in old time clothes during an episode of the new Housewives Rev.Bryant openly denied a rumor printed in Ebony magazine as well as various online forums and gossip sites that was involved with a third woman, a 17-year-old female from his congregation who he had supposedly impregnated.He would later insist it was 'categorically and completely untrue' in an open letter to Ebony magazine, who published the accusation in a March 2013 article on African-American scandals.Ebony later conceded that it was nothing more than an 'outrageous rumor'.Amid a swirl of negative speculation, both Gizelle and her husband filed for divorce in early 2008, with Gizelle stating that she was an unemployed mother while her husband earned more than 0,000 a year.

In a January 9 petition obtained by Daily Mail Online she accused him of committing adultery, saying she had 'neither forgiven or condoned' his behavior and demanded a share of their assets and property along with custody of their children.The petition was later withdrawn but Gizelle insists the pair did finalize their divorce in 2009 and says she has never reconciled with her philandering husband despite the pair remaining on surprisingly good terms.Her husband, meanwhile, has rebuilt his reputation as a leading social activist, acting as spiritual adviser to the parents of Trayvon Martin and establishing a children's center in memory of alleged police brutality victim Freddie Gray.But Daily Mail Online can reveal that socialite Gizelle Bryant has already been at the center of a marital drama every bit as salacious and sensational as some of the more memorable episodes in Real Housewives' history.In the coming weeks viewers will watch as single mom Gizelle, 45, juggles a makeup business, charity work and a bustling social calendar as she raises three daughters in one of the country's most exclusive suburbs.But they probably won't be privy to the full story of how her marriage to a prominent megachurch pastor crumbled around her amid lurid allegations of his extramarital affairs and illegitimate children.