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Your loyalty and hard work on the label and publishing fronts have allowed me to always feel like we have had someone backing us in your court, and that has given me the musical confidence I've needed. Thank you Robb Harker, Malik Adunni, David Brady, Andrew Mckeough, Rob Woo and Felix Alfonzo - you helped introduce touring to me in as much of a functional way possible for a kid my age and my road could have been alot darker if it wasnt for your personal support at such a crucial point.Thank you Semi Baddredine for all your personal support, talks and help in me growing up.I have a weird feeling i could be dead If it wasn't for you and I will always love and support you.

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Thank you to all my peers in the business for building a new movement that took the world by storm and I was lucky enough to be in the middle of it.

Thank you to all my partners through the years who believed in what I have created and wanted to amplify my work to a truly global presence.

First and foremost thank you to my brother and partner Ash, its truly been a crazy run and its only been possible through our collaborative efforts, yin and yang, brother to brother manager to artist.

I will always appreciate this road with you no matter where it leads from here.

I could write so much more but our journey is far from finished.

Thank you to everyone at At Night, a special thanks to everyone who has been a part of the team since day one and without your hard dedicated work I wouldn't be here.Thank you especially to Carl Vernersson, Filip Holm, Marcus Lindgren, Victor Lee, Panos Ayassotelis and Diana Baron.Thank you to the teams of Johnny Tenander, Per Sundin, Max Hole, Neil Jacobson and Joakim Johansson in no particular order.Christina Onassis, la hija mayor del armador naviero Aristóteles Onassis, llamado por la prensa del siglo XX “el griego de oro”, al hacer testamento, nombró a su cuarto esposo Thierry Roussel y a cuatro amigos de su padre, como albaceas y guardas de la fortuna familiar que en caso de su fallecimiento debía pasar a manos de la hija de ambos: Athina.Muy poco tiempo después, Thierry y ella se separaron definitivamente y él se trasladó a Suecia a vivir con su nueva mujer, Gaby une conocidísima modelo sueca, con la que a la postre tuvo 3 hijos más.Christina viajó a Argentina en 1988 y estando en casa de unos amigos en Buenos Aires, falleció en circunstancias muy extrañas, aunque oficialmente de debió a un infarto de miocardio, era de público conocimiento que además de ser depresiva, abusaba de las drogas y el alcohol.