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She doesn’t recognize Yossi, as she never knew of Yossi as anything other than her son’s commanding officer, only one of a sea of faces that appeared at her son’s funeral all those years ago.Yossi performs her examination, never letting on that he had any connection to her son.But seeing her rekindles the dying ember at the heart of his existence and acts as the catalyst for his journey back to the world of the living.

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Anchored by a heartbreaking and sympathetic lead performance from Ohad Knoller ( is far from a solemn exploration of death and loss, and instead offers a powerful reminder that whatever life has in store for us, it’s never too late to set yourself on a path toward a new beginning.

- Adam Lubitow Opening Night – Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection – Outfest: Los Angeles GLBT Film Festival Official Selection – Newfest: NYC LGBT Film Festival USA 2012, Video, 12 min.

| Director: James Valdez Julian and Alexander form an indelible bond during their military training in the US Army.

But their relationship suffers a devastating blow when one lover dies in combat.

Yossi vit seul sa trentaine à Tel Aviv, assumant mal sa sexualité, trouvant dans son métier de cardiologue une échappatoire à ses déboires amoureux.

Lors d’un voyage dans le sud du pays, il rencontre un groupe de jeunes militaires et, parmi eux, un jeune homme qui lui fait retrouver le goût de vivre.L’intrigue de Yossi se déroule 10 ans après celle de Yossi et Jagger, réalisé en 2005.C’est à la demande de ses étudiants qu’Eytan Fox a écrit cette suite : "Quand je montrais "Yossi et Jagger", les étudiants me demandaient toujours : Qu’est-il arrivé à Yossi ? " Eytan Fox relate à travers Yossi la difficulté d’assumer l’homosexualité au sein de l’armée israélienne.(screened to a sold-out crowd at Image Out in 2003) and ten long years since Yossi watched Lior, the love of his life, die in his arms while on a combat mission in Israel.In the time since, Yossi’s life has gone on, but he’s not really living it.He has a successful career as a cardiologist, but he has given up on having anything resembling a personal life.