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THE LOCATION – INDIAN THAR DESERT ( RAJASTHAN ) The process matters; no less is the Location.The Indian Thar Desert comprises richest plant diversity despite the prevailing harsh climatic conditions .As the rainfalls are very low in the region the habitat is greatly influenced by the extreme climate .The livestock depends on grazing on common lands in village.Ghee made from butter increases our cholesterol whereas ghee made from curd decreases our cholesterol.

THE PROCESS BILONA – CHURNING OF CURD Churning Process in making Ghee is seldom practiced now-a-days as it is time-consuming and costly.But then it gives tremendous value addition in quality and in spiritual context.GORAS DESI COW’S CURD BASED BILONA GHEE is made by churning the curd, the process generates a naturally self developed unique aromatic flavor and texture Moreover since in this process it is the curd being formed by human friendly bacteria and it digests easily in the human system it gives extra fresh oxygen to the blood which rejuvenates us, elevates our mood and is excellent for brain development in kids, pregnant and lactating women, elderly and young.RAJASTHAN has a vast desert area with extreme hot climate and desi cows here have naturally developed the best survival attributes.The cow milk from RAJASTHAN is famous for its Quality due to aforesaid specific reasons. The green fodders are naturally grown in wilderness without use of any pesticides and are purely organic.Then there are multiple species of green fodder – some plants, some herbs, others bushes, grass and all other sorts; some has medicinal values and others nutritional.