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There's something of outstanding beauty about this series, it has a lot of heart and a lot of truth.

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After all, this is a comedic adventure filled with your usual shounen elements (witty and hilarious elements)!I know I am before a series of exceptional quality when every episode delivers a story of great depth, emotion and reflection.Git S is an eternal classic, where every character is unique and of extreme importance to the plot, no matter how minor his role may be. The mecha designs are incredible...simply amazing, the action scenes are amazingly animated and intense, the characters are frightening well-developed and the psychological theme gets you in a lot of episodes, some can become really disturbing and graphical.Everything in this series is simply phenomenal, from art to execution, I can't recommend this enough to anyone, especially for fans of cyberpunk content. Overall this series was outstanding with the ending being the only and great disappointment as a whole. You might think Alucard is badass, but everything in this OVA is badass.Note: Movie End of Evangelion is the right ending for this series. This is some hardcore shit, it will make the first Hellsing TV series look like Sesame Street...

First off, the story is much smoother than the TV Series.

The characters are much more interesting and way better developed.

The production values are insane, and it has no barriers when showing a truly bloody and violent fight, battle or massacre.

Some would call it mindless fun, which is most likely true, but I can't find another series with as much heart as TTGL.

Basically it was the simple, yes sophisticated story; the memorable and likable characters; the over-the-top excitement and the superb quality of the artistic work that rocked my brains off and made me feel so good.

Plot, characters, enjoyment, entertainment, image, sound and greatness.