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On and rapidly spread to the business district of Deadwood.The fire damaged the business district of the town, but rather than give up, the community rebuilt itself.The fire made clear the need for regulations preventing another fire.

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Most of the early population was in Deadwood to mine for gold, but the lawless region naturally attracted a crowd of rough and shady characters.These particular individuals made the early days of Deadwood rough and wild.A mostly male population eagerly patronized the many saloons, gambling establishments, dance halls, and brothels.These establishments were considered legitimate businesses and were well known throughout the area.By 1877, Deadwood was evolving from a primitive mining camp to a community with a sense of order.

The crude tents and shanties that had housed the early miners quickly gave way to wood and brick buildings.The community organized a town government that relied on Sheriff Seth Bullock to keep law and order.The gradual transition of Deadwood from a mining camp to a civilized community nearly came to an abrupt end.2000 Census cites Deadwood's population as 1,380; and the town sits some 4,533 feet above sea level.Given its colorful, violent, and lawless beginnings, few could have imagined that Deadwood would someday serve as the county seat for to the Lakota-Sioux.The government also dispatched several military units to forts in the surrounding area to keep people from entering the Hills.